Chris Lopes – Bassist/Multi-Instrumentalist Composer and Songwriter

Acoustic and Electric Bassist and Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist Songwriter/Performer and Educator


 Chris has been playing, writing and recording music for almost three decades. Because of his compositional gifts he possesses an orchestral ear and is a most sensitive and empathetic accompanist with an approach that is both highly personal and unique. He is adept at straight ahead jazz and free jazz, afro-caribbean, Brazilian, funk, reggae, blues as well as a very wide palette of musical experiences and expressions of all kind.


Chris is a highly sought after bassist for many reasons. Because of his original approach to music, Chris is always an integral part of any musical community and contributes whole-heartedly to whatever project he is involved in. The discipline he brings to his profession is reflected in his well-known reputation as a highly advanced sight-reader and in his activities as a multi-instrumental (bass, guitar, flute, percussion, voice and keyboards) performer, composer and educator.


Chris was an original member of Rob Mazurek’s Chicago Jazz Underground and he has been featured on all three of Jeff Parker’s (Tortoise) trio recordings along with drummer Chad Taylor (Iron and Wine). Several of his compositions have been released on compilations from Delmark and Thrill Jockey, two of Chicago’s most important and longstanding “record labels”. Chris has been living in San Francisco, where he performs and records in an amazingly wide variety of musical settings;with Scott Amendola (John Zorn, Bill Frisell), Ben Goldberg (Nels Cline), George Brooks (John McLaughlin), Glimpse Trio, John Calloway (John Santos) and latin jazz/Sephardic singer Kat Parra.


Most recently, Chris was part of CALARTS production of Prometheus Bound, where he co-improvised the musical score under the direction of multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia. He is currently freelancing on an independent site testing and reviewing headphones. You can see some of his recommendations here. He has also been writing for his latin jazz and funk quartet which he co-leads with pianist and composer, Nina Ott. Chris is also putting the finishing touches on his first publication of solo pieces for the electric bass.